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We are absolutely thrilled to announce our upcoming cheerleading competition event, set to take place in December of 2023! The Cheer Challenge is more than just a competition; it's a testament to the unyielding spirit of cheerleading and the camaraderie that unites us all. Let's come together and make this year's Cheer Challenge an experience to remember – we can't wait to see you in December!

- Frank Middleton

Date: Saturday 12/02/2023

Location: The Classic Center

300 North Thomas Street, Athens, GA 30601

Time: 8:00am Doors Open

8:00am Registration Begins

8:00am Chick-fil-a Concessions Open

Download The Schedule Below

Cost of Registration Per Athlete

 $65.00 before 10/20/23


$85 between 10/21/2023 - 11/18/2023

$40.00 Crossover

$50.00 Novice Athletes

Cost of General Admission:

$20.00 per person

6 and under FREE

*Admissions is CASH ONLY



The Cheer Challenge Logo

The Cheer Challenge provides a cheerleading competition for athletes to attend and challenge themselves to experience growth and progression of skills each year. EVERY gym, coach, athlete, and parent should feel like they are treated equally ALWAYS. Our focus at The Cheer Challenge is to ensure that EVERYONE feels welcomed and at home!

Our mission is to create a competitive atmosphere for all athletes to achieve their best while learning the value of hard work, dedication, collaboration, and perseverance.

All teams will have the opportunity to sign up for The REAL TEN experience. A ten minute, one on one consultation with a dedicated judge. 

The vision of The Cheer Challenge is to provide a safe and competitive competition that is fun for the whole family. Our focus is on the traditional values that all-star cheerleading was founded on.

We are extremely excited about our future events and want to encourage you to consider something beyond your “normal” scheduled events.

The Cheer Challenge is a qualifier for the Open Championship Series. Earn a $10 credit per athlete towards registration to an Open Championship location for attending The Cheer Challenge Event !


For more information, visit The Open Championship Series website!

The Cheer Challenge Logo

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